Power Of Gold Lyrics By Fifi Cooper

Power Of Gold Lyrics

Power Of Gold Lyrics By Fifi Cooper (Produced by: SuperProducer Rapz)



They say money change people, or maybe people change for money. maybe you hustle to a point where you sleep in the streets, or maybe now you forget where you come from because you’re a king of the streets, I don’t know. But everything doesn’t really need to be about money! Nah.


Power of Gold/ I think we really need to talk about the power of gold/ what I knew all-along/ was the power of God/ now all they talk about is the power of gold/ the power of gold

-1st Verse We need to keep praying hard/ and there’s only one God/ believe it and recieve it buddy when your time comes/ hao ka sheba chelete ke yone e re lwantshang/ di prostitue dia rekisa and end up being sick/ ba kgotosana/ makasana is no longer safe/ di Baby-mama after zaka then abuse kids/ di taxi driver dia thulana every single day/ there’s people workin’ everyday ba sa thole niks/ I kinda understand that we all wanna be rich/ baruti ba maka all-over the country/ so because of zaka we no longer live in peace/ but now I know why they say money is evil/ I’m thinking that it could be some kind of demon/ they can take away your life man ’cause you got a million/ they won’t even think about how you made the million.


-2nd Verse Fuck it!/ just because I ain’t signed no more it doesn’t mean shit/ it doesn’t mean that I can’t go on/ matter of fact/ it means that I ain’t broke no more and follow rules man/ ain’t gotta love no more/ now how you sleep when 16 year olds di khabatega because of you/ man release that dough/ super-producer I didn’t even see that dough/ now pull the trigger man for you I’ve been ready to go/ man I’m somebody’s mother man/ somebody’s sister yeah/ a re re nou it’s your mother would you like that/ a re chechele ko morago re rewind’e/ Shame it’s just funny how money can’t buy me.


I said it though. It it about the money!
MóCooper Records, the whole time. First lady!.

 Power Of Gold Lyrics By Fifi Cooper