No one influenced me to leave Olamide’s label – Lil Kesh


No one influenced me to leave Olamide’s label – Lil Kesh, sequence the what people have been saying about Lil Kesh,the YAGI Records boss have a chat with Saturday Beat(punchng), the rapper explained why he took the decision.

He said, “People are still getting it wrong; no peer group or friends pressurised me to leave YBNL. To set the record straight, I don’t move with any other crew other than YBNL; so who would possibly want to influence me? Nobody. It has always been Olamide’s dream that we all grow big in the industry; Olamide had shared the idea with me before I even thought of it. I am still very much around in the industry and good stuff is still going to come out from my stable and YBNL.

“The fact that I am floating my own label does not matter, neither does it mean that I am no longer under YBNL. That is where a lot of people are getting it wrong. Olamide and YBNL movement are still managing me as an artiste and the fact that I have my own label simply means that YAGI Records is being managed by YBNL. We are still together; I and Olamide still record in the same studio and work with same set of producers. As you all know that YBNL is a family thing and we all support one another.”

Known for the lewd lyrics in his songs, the 22-year-old said that people should not be deceived as he is a very religious person. He said that he is from a strong Christian background and he had never forgotten his roots.

While describing himself as a church boy, the singer said, “I don’t joke with my creator; despite all the whole celebrity thing; this life doesn’t freak me, I always remember where I came from and how far God has positioned me because my story is a testimony; what excuse do I have not to praise my creator?”

When asked if he knew that people perceived him to be a pompous fellow, he said that it was hard to believe because he hardly goes out.

“There are places where you go and people tell you Lil Kesh is a good guy while there are some places that will feed you with negative comments. That is all part of the life of a star. There are times I have a very bad day and barely smile; maybe that’s one of the days those people meet me, or maybe I am at an event with a crowd of over 5,000 people, you don’t expect me to take pictures with them all even though I am willing to do that. My manager sometimes restricts me when he sees that the crowd is becoming too unbearable. I am a human being and I can’t satisfy everybody.  Let me seize this opportunity to say I am sorry; maybe you caught up with me on a very wrong day. Lil Kesh is cool headed, playful and down to earth,” the rapper said.

No one influenced me to leave Olamide’s label – Lil Kesh