F U Lyrics By Chad Da Don ft Youngsta

F U Lyrics By Chad Da Don ft Youngsta “F U” By Chad Da Don Ft. YoungstaCPT

F U Lyrics By Chad Da Don ft Youngsta, chad released the lyrics to his hit song F U.Check the lyrics below ft Youngstacpt.Download mp3 Audio HERE

Verse (Chad)

Just to see the watch Glow/
Spent a lot of dough/
Had her screaming out oooh/
When she sore the dro/
Way too fly so I don’t know where we stand
And to be cool with me you gotta smoke 💯grams /
Just to set it off you know me I light it up /
Homies say that they the truth but they can’t lie enough /
Big Blunt in my hand and I ain’t high enough /
Your man thinking that he dope but he ain’t fly as us /
Shawdy say the feeling different every time she ride with us /
Guess this shit is to Appealing when u fly as Fuck/
Guaranteed to feel it if the boy style her up /
Need that Rollie on my arm ugh for my time is up/
So I grind smarter I’m working I grind harder /
Take care of my mamma …Mamma know know that I would die for her/
I thought that they was Loyal I tatted it on my arm /
I gave you the most you doubted me all along /
You gon need a lesson to teach u from right or wrong /
I kill u in a second same way that I do these songs/
Every time u sit down just know that the time tics/
I would never miss a click like an HD pic/
We built it from the bottom up paid for the Bricks/
So unlike u fuck boys who just pay for ur clicks/
Touch down new state new city new Bae/
Bust out new faith who with me too paid /
Ain’t got nothing to do with me but u 2 faced/
And I don’t fuck with these homies so I ain’t 2 phased /
When u fucking with me it could go 2 ways/
I either take her straight or let her pack her suitcase/
Off white t same colour as the toothpaste /
Gotta brush my teeth keep it clean after two jays /
Gotta keep it true word to 2 chains/
They call me Chad but I’m the Don I got two names /

Catch me Friday pull up at Moloko
When in Cpt I go to Coco
I’m not tryna get caught by the popo (No No)
But if they smell that Loud it’s that dope though
I just can’t believe what all of it come too
If my homies run through they gon bust moves cops catch u with the dope they gon cuff you
But I’m still blowing loud yelling fuck u X2